vegan-vegetarian breakfast buffet

friday, saturday and sunday | 11 am to 3 pm

IMG_3841every friday, saturday and sunday we serve our gorgeous veganvegetarian breakfast buffet for you. with homemade spreads, vegan scrambled eggs, pickled tofu, and much more.

breakfast costs between 9 and 13 euros – you choose how much you pay. the price depends on your individual financial situation, not on how much or little you eat. organizing a buffet is rather expensive. to cover the expenses would require an average contribution of 11 euros. thus, in order to keep this concept alive, we ask that you choose your payment responsibly. we decided on a sliding-scale price because we don’t want breakfast to be a luxury. instead, we want to make it affordable for everyone, which involves people with more money paying more, so people who can’t afford it can pay less.


IMG_3839saturday and sunday-morning experience shows always most scrum in the store. just come over friday, same buffet, same price – just a little more relaxed. or if you like to sleep longer: from 1 pm on it is usually less crowded.


unfortunately, we are currently unable to accept reservations