23.10.2017, Naked brunch, 11 – 14 Uhr

I would like to create a cosy, homy and super lovely atmosphere of sharing a meal together. Naked brunch is a space of freedom and confidence, being proud and happy about your own body despite any constructions and social discriminations.

Why naked? Because it is honest. EVERYONE is welcome to join.

It is free of charge. I will organize some food. It will be all vegetarian. If you have any allergy, special need or particular wishes then just bring any food and drinks with you.

I will document this brunch with photo and video recording. If someone has a problem with this, than better not to participate. Even though I will use the documentation just for the art purposes which as exhibitions, screenings, art shows etc.

Thanks to Ninc Salo and café Morgenrot for providing the space

Photo by Jérémie Aubouin

Gastgeber: Mischa Badasyan


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